Friday 4 May 2012

Foreign climes

Welcome to the first destination on our odyssey, a remote little town you've probably never heard of called Nu-Nea-Ton.

Almost as soon as we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the locals. The very first couple we met kindly invited us to stay in their home. They speak a strange guttural language which is incomprehensible to me but luckily my wife is fluent.


Last night, the lady of the house served up a delicious chicken stew served with what they called "vomtebongs": tiny green spheres and orange coloured mini-batons the likes of which I've never seen in Scotland. They were good but would have been better deep-fried.

Today we explored the local market. Just look at the strange stuff they eat round here!

More "Vomtebongs"
"Tea". I doubt we'll see any of this stuff again.
Tomorrow's our last day here before leaving for Japan. There's still loads to see and do so I'd better sign off. As the locals say, "This won't buy the bomby a new bayonet". Don't ask.

Next stop, Tokyo!

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