Thursday 31 May 2012

JAKAO Awards - Japan

Introducing the the James and Karen's Asian Odyssey Awards - Japan

Fastest piss on land
165mph on Shinkansen from Nagoya to Kyoto

Best food
Kobe beef - equal to and maybe even better than Argentinian beef

Worst food
Natto - I tried it twice, it's just wrong

Most consecutive days eating rice
All of them

World's hardest game
Spot the fat person. Seriously, sumo wrestlers aside, after 2 weeks, I'm winning 2-1, and I suspect one of mine was American.

Highest slipper quotient
It's currently running at 3.8 pairs per hotel/guesthouse. The Japanese love their slippers. There's a different pair for every occasion.

Pending the results of further travels Japan is also a very strong contender for friendliest people, cleanest country and is almost a shoe-in for best baths (*sigh* I'm going to miss my daily onsen)

Finally, a side-award for best book to read when when visiting Japan - so sorry, but it's got to be Shogun (thanks for the tip-off Sheena)



  1. Well if you enjoyed Shogun for Japan then you have start Noble House in China...

  2. Really? I was going to go for Taipan

  3. Well with Taipan you start at the beginning but Noble House is a bit more current, both are equally as good!