Monday 11 June 2012

Chinese driving

Like in many countries, for the Chinese, traffic signals, signs and road markings seem to be optional. If you want to go through a red light, for example, you just sound your horn. During such hairy manoeuvres, there’s no checking the mirrors or looking around to see what else is coming, it’s eyes front, foot down and horn on.

Amazingly this system seems to work, I’ve seen countless near misses, but not one accident, and not a single angry raised fist.

All this got me thinking:

  • no one looks where they’re going
  • all signs are ignored
  • all other road users are ignored
  • constant horn use
  • no accidents

No use of eyes… lot’s of noise… no collisions…

Aha! It has to be sonar!

They’re all blind as bats and are using echo location to navigate. Its the only explanation that fits the facts. You know I’m right.

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