Saturday 2 June 2012

Last day in Pingyao

We're catching the hard sleeper to Xi'an tonight, but before then we've got one more day in Pingyao.

With nothing better to do, we decided to visit some of the museums our 3-day pass lets us into. The draft bank museum and the armed escort museum are worth looking at. Wandering through the maze of courtyards and alleyways, all reeking of history, you really get a flavour of what life was like here. I'm not usually a museum fan but it was fascinating. I even got chance to practice my archery.

In ancient China, archery was an effective defender against straw and balloon attack.

One of the highlights was the City God temple. As soon as you walk through the threshold - peace and quiet (apart from the rabbitting tour guides).


Isn't religion funny.

To be fair I think this room was meant to depict the eternal torment of hell, but my Mandarin's not up to scratch so I can't be sure.

Location:Pingyao, China

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